Sunday, 3 October 2010

Dick Bruna Huis

Here are some pictures of the dick bruna huis in Utrecht. Dick Bruna is best known for writing and illustrating the Nijntje - or Miffy - children's books.

Alongside his Miffy work the dick bruna huis also stocks Dick Bruna's book cover designs, poster designs, Japanese stamp designs, and more. There is also a documentary showing Dick Bruna working on one of his Miffy books.

Dick Bruna only uses 5 colors for his Miffy books. He cuts out the colours and pastes them on paper. He then puts the line work - which he finished earlier and has now been printed on transparent paper - over the colors to make up the page which is then ready to go to the book press. This image will give you an idea:

The dick bruna huis also has a store selling Miffy merchandise. I bought a plastic figure and a Japanese translation of a Miffy book (since I am following a basic course in Japanese).

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  1. I saw these in you flickr and they're awesome! What an interesting work process, btw.